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Suffers with Digestice problems / chronic pain
About the treatment "Since a baby I have always suffered with stomach pains and have had a twisted gut as a baby. I was diagnosed with IBS at 12 years old. I have tried many therapies to help this condition. Since my treatments with Jo I have had tremendous results. After she worked on my illeocaecal valve my stomach pains, bloating, mouth ulcers, tinnitus and general discomfort have gone. It has just been like a switch turning o. And I have been pain free with improved energy and feeling great."


Cornwall Bowen therapist

Suffers with M.E | Chronic pain
About the treatment "Everyone with M.E. and pain should have Bowen. I can't believe the change with a couple of treatments. My pain has gone from a 10 score to 2 and I just feel better. I have tried many other treatments, both conventional and alternative. Nothing has ever changed me like this. Thankyou Jo."


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