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Kim Turner
Suffers with Migraines
About the treatment "I started visiting Jo for Bowen Therapy in February 2014 as I have been a sufferer of severe migraines for many years and have tried almost every treatment. Jo reassured me that she could help me reduce my migraines and help me to manage them better. I can honestly say that I feel 100 times better now compared to how I was prior to my treatment with Jo.  She not only helps me with my Bowen Therapy but lets me talk through all my deep rooted problems and issues which I now realise have had a great deal to do with my physical health and wellbeing. Jo listens and then helps you to come to a solution with tools that she provides so that people like me can move forward physically and mentally. I now look at life differently and am able to manage my migraines, anxieties and stressful family life with much more success. I am very grateful to Jo for the difference she has made to my life and I will continue to visit her every month to continue my progress."


Cornwall Bowen Therapy

Suffers with Hip pain / groin pain
About the treatment "I tried Bowen with Jo for headaches and hip pain. I had headaches everyday And nothing helped.
Jo treated me and included sinus work which resolved the headaches quickly, I now don't get them. I can also walk without pain in my foot or hip and we are trying to resolve some groin pain that recurs from time to time."


Cornwall Bowen therapy

Suffers with Tension headaches
About the treatment "I used to suffer from tension headaches before receiving Bowen with Jo. It works really quickly for me."


Cornwall Bowen therapy

Suffers with Migraines / sciatica
About the treatment "51 years ago I fell on the ice and immediately afterwards migraines started and stayed with me all my life until I met Jo, by chance, at the open day for her new clinic in Bodmin. We chatted and right away she said she thought she could help. It resulted in the migraines going. I used to suffer for 10 days every month, being sick and in bed, never wanting to go out. Another problem I had was that I was unable to sit comfortably through all those years with coccyx pain. I had to take a special cushion with me everywhere, and could not sit at a table for a meal. I tried many treatments of all kinds through the year, but Bowen with Jo has been the only thing that permanently changed my life for the better. I even started going to the gym! I can now enjoy my life."


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