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Cornwall Bowen Treatment

THE treatment plan

Initially 2/3 treatments are carried out at weekly intervals. This is often sufficient to achieve relief from pain. However for very long standing or chronic conditions more visits may be necessary. The sooner an injury is treated the faster it can heal.

Clients may follow up with maintenance treatments to help manage stress or an ongoing problem, or just experience deep relaxation. They use Bowen as their first port of call if a new problem arises.

Cornwall Bowen Treatment  

Cornwall Bowen Treatment
Some conditions which are generally expected to take time to improve, may respond quite quickly to treatment. It does not offer a cure for conditions but can help the body recognise and manage them, often reducing pain and increasing energy levels and general wellbeing.

Cornwall Bowen Treatment
See the Bowen4me website, where you can read some of the stories about the Leeds Rhinos rugby team who use Bowen.

Cornwall Bowen Treatment
Joanna can now assess and offer the concept of Mind work being incorporated with Body work. A new, innovative working model that again Joanna is one of the first therapists in the Country to undertake.

Body Mind Workers
Joanna is delighted to announce she is now an accredited Body Mind Worker. To find out more about this service and how it can benefit you managing your pain, click here!


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Cornwall Bowen Treatment
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Cornwall Bowen Therapy Cornwall Bowen Therapist

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